PDX ADSB Tracking

At the home office, I have a small 24×7 Server running ADS-B tracking software, and a homebuilt antenna tuned to 1090Mhz. This tracks local air traffic, and helps feed some popular “Plane Finding” and “Flight tracking” websites and apps you may have used. This can be cheaply acheived using an SDR (Software Defined Radio) Reciever, and a raspberry Pi. I already had a small Intel Atom-powered system that I use.


SDR Dongles from NooElec are very cheap, ~$20 On Amazon

I have used SDR# for general listening. In the SDR# Package, there is a ADSB Decoder that can feed Virtual Radar Server. To get this all set up, is pretty simple:

  1. Set up SDR# using this guide. – This includes an ASDB Decoder, called ADSB#, as well as an SDR Receiver.
  2. You then need to connect up ADSB# to Virtual Radar. Use this PDF guide.


It all works a bit like this:

ADS-B Virtual Air Radar Tutorial by the ARRL

ADS-B Virtual Air Radar Tutorial by the ARRL


Articles below are on antenna designs and more ADSB Software and Info: